The Colour Box Studio Pop Up Shop is showcasing some fantastic work by Melbourne’s most creative artists and craftspeople. The loverly Emily from North St will be running a ‘How to Create the Perfect Posy‘ on Sun 25 November 2012 to share some of her skills in a fun Crafternoon Session.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your project/ arts practice?
I got into flowers pretty young. My mum used to walk me around our garden asking me what the flower’s names were. That turned into me walking home from school “acquiring” flowers for her and arranging them before she could yell at me.
I went to a pretty crazy art school for high school – was formally trained in a whole lot of areas but never thought of floristry as an art until I was working in hospitality and just started hating people ( I am a people person!!!) so when my then boyfriend, now husband brought home a whole stack of brochures for TAFE courses and floristry was one of them it was so obvious.  8+ years later it’s still my passion, now more than ever.

More and more, lately I feel as if my whole life was training me to be a florist. I can’t walk into a room without noticing the flowers or plants. I can’t walk by a garden and not notice something popping up or something spectacular in bloom.  I am not complaining but the person in the passenger seat might be…

Our work involves not only floristry but anything to do with plants as well. We create living walls, glasshouse terrariums, plants in ceramic skulls, basically anything odd and a bit different we get our hands dirty.

What inspires you, and how do you go about creating your pieces?
I am first and foremost a visual learner and person. Colours I see walking down the street, shapes in the clouds and man am I in love with contrasting textures.
At 4:30 am it’s hard to get exited about anything. I do not get exited about the time I have to rise in the morning but once you actually get to market it’s just so inspiring. The amount of stalls and people everywhere can be a bit overwhelming, you just get your trolley and push your way through the crazy to find the most amazing stock for you. That’s the great thing about taste, we don’t all have the same.

Whats your favorite piece of work that you have created?
Wow, Big question. Think it would have to be last years installation we did at the 2012 Melbourne International Flower and garden show. We got called in last minute, someone had pulled out. It was pretty stressful getting something of that scale done in such a short period of time. It all paid off when we received a call inviting us to the breakfast (6AM start), then to our astonishment we were called to the stage to collect first prize. I can honestly say I hate speeches. This was my worst. I stated and I quote “I don’t know wether I am going to cry or Vomit” To which Ted Ballieaux (spelling wrong) holds up the Top, smickidy  prize which is in the shape of a  large urn, I then pretend to vomit… Our shinning moment!

What’s your favorite part about being involved in the Melbourne art scene?
The Melbourne Art scene is new to me. Floristry does not seem to be a part of that, yet.

Who are some of your favorite Melbourne artists or craftspeople?
We work closely with Lulu & Angel, they make the raddest terrariums ever!

I am loving the work of all the artist at Colour Box! Hannakins little creatures are probably my favorite. I’ve already asked her to do collaboration with us.

What projects are you working on now?
On top of the jobs we already have booked in, we just went from freelance to Leasees. AHHHH! So exited and scared, all at the very same time.
We will have our soft opening on Dec 1st  to catch the crazy season bug, then close for Xmas- Late Jan for full renovations and styling. Come down and visit us 776 High St, Thornbury.

Do you have any tips for aspiring artists/craftspeople?
Try anything and everything and ask questions later.I think it’s best to let your own guard down so you are open to anything.

How do you feel about being a part of the Colour Box Studio Pop Up Shop?
AMAZING!!! So many fantastic artists and such a pleasure meeting them all!! It’s our first pop up but won’t be our last. It’s just an amazing chance to meet other artists.

Tell us about your up coming workshop at Colour Box Studio and what people can expect.
We will hopefully be set up in the beautiful sunshine in the courtyard at Colour Box Studio. You can expect to have fun while learning posy skills that you can take away and re-create at a later date. We will tell you all about how to pick flowers from your local florist as well as the best ways to keep your flowers alive for longer.
There are 2 different sessions on Sunday the 25th. 11am and 2pm, take your pick. Still plenty of spots available.


See this link to book for ‘How to Create the Perfect Posy‘. North St is stocked in the Colour Box Studio Pop Up Shop.


The Perfect Posy: Flower Arranging Workshop with North St Flowers Sun 25 Nov