A chat with….Ida from Studio 941

The Colour Box Studio Pop Up Shop is showcasing some fantastic work by Melbourne’s most creative artists and craftspeople. The loverly Ida from Studio 941 will be running a ‘Introduction to Creating Beautiful Silk Paintings‘ on Sat 24 November and Wed 28 November to share some of her skills in a fun Crafternoon Session. We recently asked her a series of questions about her life as a crafty lass and being involved in the Pop Up Shop:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your project/ arts practice?
I always wanted to be an artist. I went to an art-focused school where I did textile for my final year art project. Instead of pursuing arts, I was lured by an architecture scholarship. I spent many years as an architect and a construction project manager. One day, I woke up and decided to ditch the traditional path. I picked up my brushes and paint again. I mostly used batik and various silk painting techniques. I started to decorate my bare and soulless rental apartment with my beautiful silk paintings that I can easily pack if I were to move. So, here I am today a silk painter in Melbourne. I love working with silk. I paint them. I dye them. I display them on the wall. I wear them. There is something so sensual and beautiful about the fabric and how the colours flow on it. My artwork are are sold as framed pieces and as scarves. They are truly wearable and portable art. One can display my art pieces anywhere.
What inspires you, and how do you go about creating your pieces?
My travel and life experience is my greatest influence. Most of them are abstracts of photos that I have taken through my travel or everyday life. Moments of time that I like to remember. That makes me smile and makes me strong. Some are abstract of memories and feelings that I have for places and moments in time. Each piece is a part of my life. It is a story of life, celebration, freedom, peace and most of all love. Love for life. I am also inspired by my grandfather, a Javanese horse trainer, who left everything to move to Singapore. I am truly inspired by his background and I still hold on to the heritage dearly.Whats your favorite piece of work that you have created?Wittnoom Bluebelle SQ is my favourite. It reminds me of a town called Wittnoom that is located in Western Australia. It is about 1 100 km north or Perth. Wittnoom was an asbestos mining town. A ghost town now. When I visited Wittnoom the government announced the day before that they are going to remove Wittnoom from the map!!! There are just a handful of residence there. The rest were just ruins which I can barely see. A footprint of the past that I can only imagine. I read that it used to be a vibrant town. At that very moment while I stood where the post office used to be, was a big golden field of wild grasses. It was peaceful, golden and so quiet. So so quite that it rings in my ears. All I can hear is the grasses brushing against each other in the wind. I closed my eyes and tried to imgine how it used to be. It was a strange mix of feelings. It was a strange feeling of freedom standing where the post office used to be. Feels like I was being transported somewhere. Very calming. With the blue skies above and whispers of the grasses and the wind. And the towering red escarpment to my right. The contrast and feelings were beautifully strange and captivating.
Whats your favourite part about being involved in the melbourne art scene?
The people. The support. It is truly amazing! The PASSION!!!Who are some of your favorite Melbourne artists or craftspeople?EVERYONE? It is so hard to narrow down my choices to ‘some’. ‘Some’ is pretty subjective, too.
What projects are you working on now?
Silk Painting workshops at Colour Box Studio. Batik Workshops are at the early stages of planning. Custom orders for a Sydney and Bunbury (WA) clients for their residences. A piece/prop for a Melbourne actress. A scarf for a Melbourne illustrator to wear to her solo exhibition. A wedding headpiece. And of course, Studio 941 and Nine41 Autumn/Winter Collection :). Display units/jewellery to display the paintings/scarves. And possibly a collaboration for an installation in Melbourne. Photo and film shoot in Singapore. OH! Very exciting! The list goes on.
Do you have any tips for aspiring artists/craftspeople?
Never let go your dreams! Believe in yourselves. My father told me to do what I love doing and everything will fall in place.
How do you feel about being a part of the Colour Box Studio Pop Up Shop?
Truly grateful to meet such wonderful people. It is really fantastic to have the opportunity.
Tell us about your up coming workshop at Colour Box Studio and what people can expect.
Fun! Freedom! Relaxation! And you get to bring these memories home in forms of your very own unique silk paintings. When you look at your own unique work hanging on the wall at home or in your office, you will be transported back to time and space where you had this wonderful experience of self discovery. Or you might want to give it to someone special and share your experience.
See this link to book for the ‘Introduction to Creating Beautiful Silk Paintings‘. Studio 941 is stocked in the Colour Box Studio Pop Up Shop.