Fipe Preuss Brings Creativity, Arts & Community Together

Fipe Preuss is an artist who uses creativity as a driving force throughout her arts practice, her business and her community building and facilitating. She’s an inspiring (and very busy) woman making waves in Melbourne’s arts community and beyond. We’re proud to be collaborating with Fipe and Nuholani in an upcoming community fundraiser Hula / […]

My Five Stages of Grief for the Australian Arts Industry

Belinda Neilson 2015

By Lauren Wraight Like any arts or visual arts graduate, I didn’t pursue my field out of a desire for a high-paying job or an impressive, powerful career. I pursued it because I love art, cultural engagement, connecting over things that operate in those ‘grey’ spaces outside of the black and white narratives that we’re […]

Interview with Arts Manager Chantal Wynter

The west of Melbourne is alive with creative talent including arts manager Chantal Wynter who over the last few years, has been working independently to foster and showcase artists and creative spaces through her unique and insightful art tours. Through her small operation, Wynter Projects, she’s hosted a number of tours around Footscray and the […]


This week we’re very excited to present an interview with Arts Manager Imogene Whittle, as part of our ongoing Arts Management Blog Series. Imogene has gained a plethora of experience and knowledge working within the arts in Australia and in this interview, she shares an invaluable insight into the industry. Read on to find out […]

Interview with Arts Manager Suzi Cordell

This week as part of our Arts Management Blog Series, Suzi Cordell, Education and Families Manager at Regional Arts Victoria generously shares the stories and arts management experiences that have led her to where she is today. Suzi provides a wonderful insight into the industry and discusses her journey entering into arts management work as […]

Interview with Lia Pa’apa’a – Arts Management Series


It’s been a pleasure to showcase our creative community of artists over the past year or so and continuing on from that, we’re presenting a special Blog Feature Series around the wonderful people behind the scenes – Arts Workers and Arts Managers. This series has come about from listening to our creative community – many […]