Colour Box Studio BACK in Footscray!

By Angela Shi

From early beginnings as a pop-up space in an old tattoo parlour to a warehouse studio space, Colour Box Studio now has an exciting new home in the heart of Footscray.

Over the last three years Colour Box Studio ( has provided a platform for the community to explore their creativity. They’ve created opportunities for artists and creatives to showcase their artistic practices through Pop Up Shops, Workshops, Events, Exhibitions and via our online platforms. Colour Box Studio was founded in 2012 by Australian Solomon Islander filmmaker, community arts practitioner and creative producer Amie Batalibasi.

For the next six months, Colour Box Studio will be doing a residency at VU at MetroWest, Victoria University’s open community space at 138 Nicholson Street. VU at MetroWest has been running for two years and operates as a multi purpose space that hosts events, exhibitions, seminars and talks. The residency will provide a home base for Colour Box Studio’s annual program of innovative workshops, projects and events, as well as direct engagement and connection with the local community.

Please join us for the launch of the residency at VU at Metrowest on Friday 6 th May from 5pm. Chat with artists, creatives and locals, or take advantage of the Colour Box Studio discounted membership offer. Some drinks and snacks will also be provided on the night.

A membership provides access to a whole range of benefits including discounted workshops and mentoring services, as well as the chance to be part of a diverse community of artists, designers, creatives, musicians, arts workers and more.

As part of the residency, they’ll also be an exciting opportunity for an emerging artist to join Colour Box Studio as an artist in residence. Come on down to find out more about what’s in store for Colour Box this year, check out the new space and celebrate the launch of the residency.

Colour Box Studio Residency at VU at MetroWest LAUNCH
Friday 6th May 2016
Time: From 5pm
Address: 138 Nicholson St, Footscray VIC 3011
Website: click here

Facebook Event: click here
MetroWest Launch