Aacute candles


AACUTE was founded on various influences, one of which was Melbourne’s vibrant local community and the other, a mutual love of detail and its complement, imperfection. We love making things that are unique and not exactly like the other.

Julie and Kelly Tran of Aacute photo by Amie Batalibasi

aeonic design

Nicole Ng of aeonic design is a Melbourne based jewellery designer and maker. She enjoys working with a variety of materials – especially sterling silver, copper and brass. Her current range of jewellery is of a geometric and minimalist style.

Architect Collective DIY concrete ring kit

Architact Collective

Founded by Linda Bennett, the Architact Collective is a collaboration between lifetime partners. Inspired by the architecture and construction industry we create jewellery and homewares handcrafted from recycled concrete, brick and timber. We value our journey though life and love by creating memorable and personal objects of desire.

Ben Street Art

Ben is an artist/illustrator based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne with a unique ability to make colourful creations that are almost impossible to take your eyes off, with fine details and some of the brightest and most vibrant colours you will ever see without overwhelming you. With no formal training, years have been spent refining the style and discovering what mediums work best. Only 3 years ago, Ben’s style looked like it did when he was 6 years old but with persistence and determination, the child like art style was crafted into something beautiful that people of all ages can enjoy.

Coco and Max

Welcome to Coco & Max, a design duo comprising Tessa from Melbourne and Andrew from London. The brand produce bold and dynamic designs, ethically manufactured entirely in Melbourne. The clothing pushes boundaries with angled cuts and unique, in-house graphics. Coco’s womenswear plays on vibrant colours, against Max’s monochromatic greys. Preaching high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, all collections are limited edition and numbered by hand, reinforcing the importance of originality and self-expression. Enjoy!

Emilia Rossi

I fuse different materials together to create aesthetically pleasing jewellery. Each piece is handcrafted from clay, sterling silver, rose and yellow gold-filled chains and fixings. As an Industrial Designer, I’ve worked at the National Gallery of Australia as an Exhibition Designer and have been taught to push the boundaries of design. My aim is to use materials that create attractive looks that have appeal.

Emilia Rossi

Feather and Spear

Designer, wanderer and creative dreamer, Tab Sejoe creates the earthy, original and sometimes cheeky cards and art prints that her label Feather & Spear has become known for, and much, much more. Made in the very heart of Melbourne, Feather and Spear features the screen-printed cards and fine art prints from Tab’s original illustrations and hand made vibrant textile accessories made from fabrics collected throughout the African continent; The creations are unmistakably African in inspiration, with a little Melbourne personality.

Flux Universe resin jewellery available at #CBSpopup. Image provided.

flux universe

I am a practicing artist working across mediums of painting, jewellery design, sculpture and installation. Through my art practice I aim to explore my emotional connection to nature, especially the sea, as a unique environment essential for our wellbeing – how we relate to it, what impact it has on us and what impact we have on it. Ocean Bands are a part of my latest collection of handmade jewellery-grade resin bracelets, each embedded with a cropped strip from my abstract paintings, inspired by fluidity of water and its greatest source – the ocean.

Fox and Ramona - Concrete Wares available at #CBSpopup. Image provided.

Fox and Ramona

Fox & Ramona is a Melbourne based homewares brand offering hand crafted concrete products including a range of serving platters, vessels, plates, ring cones and planters. A diverse range of lightweight planters are also available – designed and handpainted by us. The organic nature of concrete and the unpredictable making process means no two pieces are ever the same, so you’ll always own an original, unique piece.

Frou-Frou & Sparrow

I am an artist, illustrator, designer, maker and all-round creative creature. My work expresses my crazy love for colour and imagination, which has been influenced by children’s’ illustrated books and animations from my childhood and the present day. Other loves and interests that inspire and motivate me are food (of course), nature and the great outdoors.

goschen girls

Goschen girls was founded in 2014 by two sisters who grew up on a farm in the Victorian Mallee. Janet makes a range of gorgeous bags in bright colours and crisp cotton fabrics including makeup bags, reversible market bags and carryall totes. Heather makes lavender and cedar sachets for drawers and shoes, and a range of mug mats.


Konichiwa, aloha and hey there! I’m an Advertising Creative/ Freelance Graphic Designer who loves making things. Handsigns are sign language brooches that are made of 100% felt goodness, literally. $2 from every Handsign helps kids at the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children. So pick out your initials, make a word or even the whole alphabet! Treat yourself, donate and learn a language ✌️


Hannakin is the creative moniker of Melbourne based illustrator, crafter, procrastinator and general creative type, Hanna Mancini. Hanna has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, as well as constructing, creating and crafting all manner of creatures and miscellaneous bits and bobs with whatever flotsam she could lay her hands on. Hanna works from her home studio in Melbourne’s inner west, creating whimsical watercolour and collage illustrations, and hand sewn soft sculpture art dolls, as well as sweet accessories and thingumajigs for her creative label.

Heather Grafton

Me, Heather Grafton a graphic designer from the cold land of England thought it might be nice to share the inner working of my odd mind with the wider world resulting in Heather Grafton illustrations. A collection of printed works – some hand finished and framed I draw/create from a love of craft and communication. Reflecting on physiology and environment. The world of haute couture to rural environment, the contrast of man made/natural. Producing illustrations that are aimed at a more male demographic exhibiting a darker view using a parody on the world we live in – with a fun twist.

Jane Stradwick

Jane Stradwick is an artist and author. Born in Newcastle, Australia, as a child she loved drawing, painting and making things. Jane has one young son and was inspired by him to write a story encouraging kids to brush off those days when they don’t naturally feel their best and look for the happiness that lies within us all. She has a unique and distinctly recognisable drawing style and a wonderful sense of storytelling within her colourful illustrations. Oscar’s Search for Happiness is Jane Stradwick’s first children’s book with a great message suitable for even the youngest reader.


My name is Kinga and I have been interested in art since I was young. My father was a painter and he encouraged my visual arts by explaining the meanings of colours and shapes. I tried many types of arts and crafts and fell in love with Kumihimo jewellery which originated in Japan. My work shows individual styles and colours so the items are all unique. I blend in old and new styles of art and provide all sizes.


Lila&I. Women’s and girls fashion jewellery designed and handmade in Melbourne. The colourful range is made from 100% recycled timbers, lead and nickel free chains and non toxic water based acrylic paints. Each piece is hand cut, hand sanded, hand stencilled and hand painted, which makes them individual and unique.

Lucy in the Sky Illustration

Lucy Buxton is a printmaker and children’s book illustrator, based in Footscray. She intuitively uses colour to breathe life into enchanting worlds and whimsical characters, that speak to the inner child in us all.

Lucy Buxton

Luna + Whirl

Luna + Whirl is brought to you by teacher and mum of two, Jessie Palmer. Luna + Whirl’s range of laser cut earrings are made from lightweight acrylic and bamboo. Jessie aims to create jewellery that is simple and modern with a pop of colour and a little bit of sparkle.


I specialise in unique everyday wearable mixed metal creations, my designs are a combination of traditional and contemporary designs with a touch of bohemian. My inspiration is drawn from textures, sounds, forms, colours and botanicals in nature, mechanical movement also plays a part in my designs.

New Model Beauty Queen

New Model Beauty Queen is an ethical & sustanable company which focuses on originality and ‘slow fashion’ with a leaning towards the avant-garde.

Peace Love Candles by Anna

My name is Anna Cunningham, I am a stay at home mum with my 2.5 yr old son Harrison. With a background in hairdressing & then accounts, I was looking for a change to find my creativity again… With that, Peace Love Candles by Anna came to life.

Robyn deBoar

Robyn deBoar is an artist and illustrator based in the heart of Yarraville village. She recently co-created the zine ‘Sometimes I’m Not OK’ featuring illustrations that focus on the things we do to care for ourselves. Robyn’s recent works feature a playful illustrative style using watercolour, ink, pencil and paint to create works that explore the joys of Tea – a contemplative daily ritual that connects us through meaningful conversation and contemplation.

Second Chance Crafts

Reviving Retro crafts and up cycling pre loved goods making something new and beautiful out of something old.

Silly Rabbit

Silly Rabbit is the design duo of Artist Hayley Scilini and Textile Designer Emily Treganowan. We make original printed homewares and other nice stuff, designed and produced in Melbourne. Our current product range includes cushions, tea towels and art prints, made with all natural cotton/linen blend fabrics, printed with environmentally friendly inks.

Spin Spin

Spin Spin, by Susan Fitzgerald, is a small West Footscray studio producing fresh, modern and sustainable screen printed textiles, paper goods and ceramics. Inspiration comes from minimalist patterns and colour palettes, Japanese & Scandinavian design, nature, handmade objects, indie music, sketching, Melbourne’s weather and so much more. Materials are chosen for their natural properties and beauty and also have to be ethically produced and have minimal environmental impact.

Studio Bonnici handmade Art Cards

Studio Bonnici

Megan Bonnici is a Melbourne based Artist/Designer and Art teacher. Ever since she was very young she has been passionate about creating Visual Art works, jewellery and one-off garments that express the joy of life and the wonders of the natural world. She has been working across many disciplines, such as drawing, mixed media and textile design for many decades, and is delighted to now share her current Studio Bonnici creations with you.

Megan Bonnici from Studio Bonnici

Troika Design

Screenprint is what we love to do. We design and print in limited editions and we keep all parts of the process local.

Vicki Kinai's Bilum Community

As a migrant I belief in sharing my art and stories with people as well as listening to theirs and finding a common ground to live as happy and a productive member of the community. In celebration of my own Papua New Guinean culture I am committed to the preservation of “bilum weaving” as an art form no matter where I am in the world. Every piece I create tells a story, that connects me to people, place and land, whether it’s a story about my current homeland of Australia or my birthplace of PNG. Every creation has relevance and connection.


Wally cards have cheek, charm, and occasionally a little darkness. All of them are written, hand-drawn and packed by Beck ‘Wally’ Wallman in her little Melbourne studio, and printed up the road in Brunswick. In her previous life Beck was an art director, but she’s now loving drawing and causing trouble on paper.


Warisa Somsuphangsri makes a range of small hand-built porcelain pieces. Her work often incorporates petite, simple forms with a play of hand-drawn shapes and hand-painted animals. Delicate, minimal and functional, Warisa’s ceramic pieces range from planters, vases, and dishes to wearable pieces including necklaces and brooches.

Yellow Ark

Yellow Ark was created by Lisa, a graphic designer by day and graphic designer by night. A lover of typography, minimalism and handmade looking artwork, Lisa designs brush lettering prints, both custom and pre-designed as well as fashion illustrations. The Yellow Ark range includes quirky brush lettering prints, such as ‘You Had Me At Nutella’ a firm favourite. These were all created using Indian Ink by hand and then digitally reproduced.


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