Ellie Mücke of MüCKE will be facilitating a “Shirts into Skirts” workshop on Saturday 6 April at Colour Box Studio – for details: CLICK HERE. It was over 10 years ago during her studies at RMIT when Ellie Mücke’s search for alternative approaches to fashion design practice began. Frustrated with unsustainable practice in the commercial fashion industry, Ellie formed the women’s clothing and accessories label MüCKE in 2007. Through re-configuring second-hand clothing, exploring interactive and collaborative design application and teaching, Ellie has developed a unique language in sustainable fashion design. Her collections question and explore the ways in which we choose to wear cloth on the body.  Her ‘partial’ garments and trans-seasonal style, express her desire for a future based on much slower paced fashion consumption.
Ellie MuckeTell us a bit about your arts practice.
I am passionate about incredibly well designed things, especially fashion.  I design and manufacture clothing from old or used garments.  My goal in doing this is to promote a sense of connectedness through these garments. ie. to prolong the life of clothing and encourage consumers to think about what they buy and how they use clothing.  I participate in exhibitions and talks as well as teaching and running workshops to help promote these ideas also.
What inspires you to create works?
A passion to make positive change in an industry that really struggles to see beyond the short term.  I also can’t imagine living without creating.  It makes me really really happy to design and make beautiful things, with purpose.
Why is it important to you to share you skills through workshops?
It is important to share my skills as a sustainable designer because, not only does it give back to the community in some way, it is also a way to connect with people  with similar interests.  Many people have not had the luxury to spend as long as I have exploring the possibilities of remaking with recycled garments, so it’s a great opportunity to share the knowledge I have gained in a supportive and interactive environment.
Tell us a bit more about your workshop.
The workshop is designed to be a really fun experience that will teach you skills to custom make a skirt for yourself and enjoy conversation with other passionate makers.  As well as helping you with the design process, to make something you will actually wear, the workshop will to provide you with tools to use on your own projects at home.  An added bonus of this workshop is that you will get to enjoy some home baked organic treats whilst making and chatting! For bookings: CLICK HERE.
Why is the Sustainable Ethical Local Fashion theme important to you and your practice.
Sustainable, ethical and local are integral to running my own fashion label.  For me, there is no other way to run a business that makes any sense.  All around me I see excessive use of materials and energy with no thought for the damage being done.  I have no desire to participate in this destructive cycle but prefer to make beautiful things that challenge our common assumptions about how we should design and consume fashion!
Mücke Skirt
What are your throughts about Colour Box Studio?
Colour Box Studio is a supportive collective of individuals, dedicated to promoting sustainable practice across the arts.  Organisations like Colour Box are integral to the health of our communities and to the future of our cities, by creating supported places to live and create.
To book for Ellie’s workshop: CLICK HERE