Colour Box Studio Membership Program Launch Event - Image courtesy of Rachael Nardella_0292
Gavin Ashworth – Image courtesy of Rachael Nardella

Colour Box Studio is pleased to announce the selection of Gavin Ashworth as for the Artist in Residence project at our space at VU at MetroWest.

Artwork by Gavin Ashworth 02
Artwork by Gavin Ashworth.

Between May 20 and June 3 2016, Gavin Ashworth is completing an artist residency at Colour Box Studio’s space at VU at MetroWest in the heart of Footscray. During the residency, Gavin will be engaging with the community and creating found object art made from urban waste. On June 1, Gavin will be giving an artist talk. The artist residency will then culminate in an exhibition at VU at MetroWest that launches at 1PM on June 4 and runs until June 16.

During the two week residency, Gavin will be acting as an urban scavenger. He intends to break down the barrier between the outside and the ‘white cube’ that is the gallery by collecting found objects from around Footscray and creating art with what he finds

“My artworks will be made by, and be about, the art of living free of money and consumption,” says Gavin Ashworth. Gavin’s artwork is inspired and facilitated by urban scavenging. “Many people survive by dumpstering or squatting. This art is a way for people to emotionally respond to the industrial, urban or suburban space that surrounds them, I have found these strategies important in making this urban jungle a home that I can live in.”

Gavin’s artist talk on June 1 will take place at VU at MetroWest on the same evening as Game Changers Conversations – Create Your Climate Future. This is a chance to experience two fascinating insights into modern urban existence.

Artwork by Gavin Ashworth
Artwork by Gavin Ashworth

Gavin’s exhibition launch on June 4 will also coincide with a ‘crafternoon’ and performances happening at VU at MetroWest as part of the Emerge In The West festival.


Gavin Ashworth’s digital portfolio can be viewed here:
Instagram: @meltedsquidcity