Kathryn Goldie is a writer and film-maker. A graduate of VCA School of Film and TV, her short films have screened at 39 film festivals and her short plays have been performed at 16 Australian play festivals. She is currently writing a novel and completing studies in screenwriting at RMIT.

Bodysurfer, film shot in 2012 with Kevin Dee (Jared)by Kathryn Goldie
Still from “Bodysurfer”, film shot in 2012 with Kevin Dee (Jared) by Kathryn Goldie

Her script Bodysurfer was commended in the 2010 Fellowship of Australian Writers’ National Literary Awards, and the film is the eighth she has written and directed. Bodysurfer recently won best drama and best student film at the RMIT Film Awards. Her 2008 short film Steak, funded by the then-Australian Film Commission’s Raw Nerve initiative, was a finalist in the Melbourne Queer Film Festival’s City of Melbourne Awards and won Best Narrative in the RMIT Student Film Awards (still from Steak with Kristy Barnes-Cullen pictured above). Her 2007 short, Duck Soup, has screened at 21 film festivals from Sydney to San Francisco, Berlin to Mumbai. Kathryn’s short play The Kind of Man was a finalist in Short + Sweet Melbourne 2011, a festival for which she has also directed.

Her other short plays, including A Matter of Taste and Sensitivity, have been performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Armidale. Kathryn also recorded visual score Cubular Oceans for contemporary music ensemble 3 Shades Black’s 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival show, Moving Scores, which also played in Beijing in 2012 and at the 2013 Auckland Fringe Festival. Her video art piece, Once Upon A Time in the West, was projected as part of Colour Box Studio’s Façade in February 2013.

Cubular Oceans playing in Beijing, 2012 by Kathryn Goldie
Cubular Oceans playing in Beijing, 2012 by Kathryn Goldie
Kathryn Goldie Explore Creativity Through Writing workshop at Colour Box Studio
Explore Creativity Through Writing workshop

Kathryn recently completed an Artist in Residence at Colour Box Studio and will facilitate her third creative workshop at Colour Box Studio on Saturday 17 August. The Explore Creativity Writing Workshop is great for those who are new to writing or who have thought about it and would like to give it a go. This will be the second time that we have run the workshop at Colour Box Studio and the first group was a really diverse mix of people including beginners and experienced writers who wanted to start loving writing again. There were peeps from film backgrounds, comedy and journalism! Kathryn creates a really relaxed and non-threatening environment to get your creativity onto the page and then share what you’ve written with the group. The sharing part can be scary at first but because it’s such a chilled session, it becomes more fun than anything!

One of the past workshop participants, Nuala, kindly shared with us something she wrote during the workshop.

One object in the room:

There is an oblong brown leather case on the floor beside the bin. It has an ivory coloured handle. On the side facing the room there is a curved zip skirting three of the four sides. I can imagine it to peel around, exposing what is contained within. It reminds me of a doctor’s bag, the kind of bag a doctor carries on night calls, the kind he keeps beside his bed to grasp after urgent phone calls in the night. This doctor’s phone is not a Samsung Galaxy, rather it is stuck to the table with a heavy hand-held receiver and a number dial a little scuffed from overuse. The doctor’s bag has a stethoscope and machine for blood pressure and many pills and potions that he never uses but always needs. He leaves it down on floors of bedrooms that welcome new babies into the world, on kitchen tables that grandmother’s grab as they slip on unseen puddles of dishwater on tiled floors, on the ends of beds holding fevered children and their feverish mothers…

If you want to write creatively – this workshop is for you. Kathryn will share some fantastic exercises, tips and tricks to help you get started – get it written and then get it right!

The Explore Creativity Through Writing Workshop will be at Colour Box Studio, Saturday 17 August, 10AM-12PM. More information: Click here.

Kathryn Goldie, Ubud writing, Artist in Residence at Colour Box Studio
Kathryn Goldie, Ubud writing.

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