Colour Box Crew: Ida Soud from Studio 941 – Workshop Facilitator

Ida Soud from Studio 941 talks to us at Colour Box Studio about her label, her passion for art and fashion. Ida will be facilitating a workshop as part of Fashion Month – Make A Silk Scarf Workshop. For more details: click here.

Tell us a bit about your arts practice.

Studio 941 brings art to life. I have a tremendous passion in translating my memorable experiences into beautiful artistry silk paintings. I often collaborate with other artists, designers and like-minded people to express how art can be perceived.

What inspires you to create works?

My work is about translating my memorable experiences into beautiful artistry silk paintings. I love to capture my memorable travelling experiences. My travel and life experience are my greatest influence for my paintings. Most of them are abstracts of photos that I have taken through my travel or everyday life. Moments of time that I like to remember. That makes me smile and makes me strong. Some are abstract of memories and feelings that I have for places and moments in time. Each piece is a part of my life. It is a story of life, celebration, freedom, peace and most of all love. Love for life. I am also inspired by my grandfather, a Javanese horse trainer, who left everything to move to Singapore. I am truly inspired by his background and I still hold on to the heritage dearly.

Why is it important to you to share you skills through workshops?

Silk painting is a dying art. With modern technologies take over a lot of our daily activities, some of us may have forgotten to to pick up a brush and relax. Sharing my skills means that I can share this experience with workshop participants.

Tell us a bit more about your workshop.

It is a workshop for someone who is interested in expressing themselves creatively through silk painting and be able to wear their creations. The participants will get to bring home their very on silk painting / scarf. They can with display it as a wall or wear them fashionably.

Why is the Sustainable Ethical Local Fashion theme important to you and your practice.

It is important because I believe in creating creating an awareness around these issues and that being ethical and sustainable usually supports local businesses. It is also important to encourage emerging designers to take on this philosophy. In the end, it will improve our living conditions, image and economy.

What is your involvement with Colour Box Studio.

I was one of the first participants of CBS Christmas pop-up shop in 2012. I facilitated a silk painting workshop as a part of the Art and Craft Workshop Series at Colour Box Studio – this workshop was great and was lucky to be promoted on the Frankie website. I also volunteer at Colour Box Studio and I am part of the Planning Committee for the Fashion Month. I will be the artist-in-residence for this program, a pop-up shop participant and facilitating workshops during the Fashion Month.