Interface – Night Projections at Colour Box Studio

From the 31st of August until the 13th of September Colour Box Studio will use its shopfront window at 236 Nicholson Street, Footscray to exhibit video works by emerging and established Melbourne based video artists in a popup night projection window – ‘Interface’. Passers by will be able to view video works by 7 contemporary artists over 14 nights.

Public Art Co-ordinator Shae Rooke says, “As part of our public art program at Colour Box Studio, we wanted to provide spaces for video artists to exhibit and the window seemed like the perfect spot. We’ve sought out a number of exciting local video artists to be a part of this popup exhibition.”

Participating artists:

Nico Reddaway

Nico Reddaway’s is a Melbourne based media artist who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts-Media Arts. Her work eloquently merges self-performance and video. Drawing on themes of identity and transformation, Reddaway’s work gives the viewer unique passage to the spectacle of the absurd. Reddaway has been gaining industry experience interning for Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival and has previously held intern and volunteer positions with RMIT Gallery, ACMI, MIFF and Next Wave Festival.

Nico’s video work, Amoeba, derives from investigation into the human body through self-performance. She uses her own body to perform in these somewhat imaginary spaces that are inside us. Inserting herself in the womb and becoming the bacteria; she gets naked, encased in gladwrap, becoming a green amoeba twisting and stretching, as if fighting against something. Often morbidly fascinating, the work can be repulsive yet intriguing and inviting.

Photo provided by Nico Reddaway

Lizzy Sampson and Shae Rooke

Lizzy Sampson and Shae Rooke have been collaborating since early 2011 when they met whilst studying an MFA at RMIT University Melbourne. They have devised and participated in numerous collaborative projects with Melbourne based arts collectives, Coalesce ARI and In The Meantime. Both artists share an interest in remixing common materials, everyday systems and values in order to elicit new ways of seeing.

Their piece Navigation is a HD video capturing a performance between Lizzy Sampson and Shae Rooke as they attempt to plot a course through the urban bustle of Melbourne. They take oversized orange orienteering arrows as their tools for communication. Lizzy is filmed hanging an arrow out of the window of their shared studio space, leading Shae around the city square below. The arrows – usually found nailed to trees along isolated bushwalking routes are oddly placed as devices for finding your way. Through their attempts – a humorous tale of confusion, misdirection and negotiation is revealed.

Photo provided by Shae Rooke and Lizzy Sampson

William Head

William Head is a non-fiction filmmaker, artist and curator. A graduate of documentary at the Victorian College of the Arts his films have screened in major festivals worldwide and his media works have been presented in a number of public exhibits including White Night Melbourne, Gertrude Street Projection Festival and QView Digital Gallery in Albury.

After a successful exhibition at Colour Box Studio in May we are excited William back to present his work Progressive Assessment. This video piece is a continual progress that attempts to establish new indicators that chart personal achievement over time as an exchange value in a social project rationalised by the market.

Rachel Main

Rachel Main is a photographer, documenter, filmmaker and educator. She works and engages with a diverse number of communities and focuses on street based art and cultures. The nature of Rachel’s work is quite expansive from street photography to producing music and krump videos and documentaries to teaching photography and film workshops to young people.

As part of the night projections Rachel video Krump will be on display. Krump is an energetic and expressive street dance that began in Los Angeles in 2000. Taking root in Melbourne in 2005, the dancers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and the movement has continued to evolve and develop over the years. As this dance form is highly intensive and often performed at great speeds, by isolating the camera shot and slowing everything down, I was able to create a video that captured the essence of krump; the passion and the emotion of the dancers.

Diego Ramirez

Diego Ramirez is driven by an interest in identity and cult media. With his work having been exhibited in galleries, museums and video festivals in Australia and abroad his contribution to the Colour Box Studio night projections are not to be missed. Radish: Live in Melbourne CBD is a recorded live performance that took place in Melbourne. Focusing on the effects of cultural and psychological displacement, the work employs the odd character of an anthropomorphic radish as a metaphorical vehicle to explore the fractured identity of an imaginary expatriate. Radish is a creature without name, gender or citizenship, a meaningless blob.

Photo provided by Diego Ramirez

Melissa Matveyeff

Melissa Matveyeff works combine both video performance and sculptural assemblages. It explores the animalistic, mechanized and perverse manifestations of human sexuality and psychology. Melissa’s current work has been developed over the last 5 years and represents the evolution from static expression of ideas with the use of theatrical appropriations of everyday bodily and sexual languages. The piece she will have on display for the night projections is entitled Play


Photo provided by Melissa Matveyeff

Trewlea Peters

Trewlea Peters has been a video artist for over a decade and recently completed a four screen video installation for her Masters in Fine Art, Photomedia at Monash University. Always diversifying and pushing her own boundaries, Trewlea has experimented in everything from traditional stop motion animation to live visuals (VJing) for events both here in Australia and abroad. As part of the Colour Box Studio’s night projections Trewlea will present a clip created for electronic musician Binliner after he saw her felt stop motion animation “Garden Patch” in the Coalesce ARI Art in Real Life Bus Tour 2012. Trewlea has created two animations using this technique this year, More Ouzo and The Futures so Bright in the EnviroShop for High Views at Northern Exposure in July.

Photo provided by Trewlea Peters

Dates: 31st August – 10th September 2013.

Times: Daily from dusk til dawn


Interface Night Projections at Colour Box Studio
Interface Night Projections at Colour Box Studio. Design by Elly Nam.