Linda Bennett and Dillon Bailey are the talented design duo behind the brand Architact Collective: an ongoing collaboration between an architect and a builder. We interviewed the design duo to find out about how they started their brand, what they are inspired by, and what they’re currently working on. Expect to see Architact Collective’s line of jewellery and homewares crafted in the trending material, concrete, and also line of timber jewellery at Colour Box Studio’s Spring Pop Up Shop running until the 4th of November. Find more details about the Pop Up Shop here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

The Architact Collective was founded in 2013 by Linda Bennett and Dillon Bailey. Linda is an architect, designer and writer, Dillon has spent many years on the construction site. The Architact Collective is an ongoing collaboration between an architect and builder. Each product is designed and made in Melbourne where we believe it is important to give back to the city that has inspired and supported our journey!

Architact Collective necklace
Architact Collective necklace

How did you start your creative business/arts practice and why?

We founded the Architact Collective on the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Establishing my own business was about transforming my role as a recent architecture graduate, which was burdened with a fear of inadequacy, into a productive exploration of creativity.

Where did you grow up and has it influenced what you create?

I grew up in Sydney where 97% of the built environment is made of concrete, brick and timber. The city moves us, protects us and houses us. The Architact Collective is inspired by architecture and motivated by design as the primary catalyst for bringing together the community. Our work is derived from the construction industry and we reinterpret the notion of the city as wearable jewellery. Every detail and process of our work serves as constant reminder of the city that surrounds us.

What is your current project?

Architact Collective concrete tableware
Architact Collective concrete tableware

I am currently working on concrete plateware for chef in Sydney.

Who or what is your inspiration?

For me there is no bigger motivation than to create something that is used and loved by other people. I am driven by the desire to connect with other people. People are social but I am introverted and neurotic so this is a medium in which I can comfortably connect.

I hope that I can create happiness, if I can create a smile, personal distraction or start a new dialogue then I am completely content. I try to make my work accessible to as many people as possible.

Where do you feel most creative?

I am creative when working with my hands. I love working with my hands, there is something honest and sensual about creating in this manner. For me it provides a deep connection to the things that keep us as people connected, alive and happy. To me food is created in a similar way with a similar meaning.

To create this way is a large part of my process. I am a messy worker; my workspace is under-lit, filled with power tools, resins and concrete aggregate.

What can visitors expect to see from you in the Colour Box Studio Spring Pop Up Shop?

Architect Collective DIY concrete ring kit
Architect Collective DIY concrete ring kit

Concrete Jewellery and Homewares.

Where can we see more of your work?




Find handmade goods from Architact Collective and other local makers at Colour Box Studio’s Spring Pop Up Shop located at VU at Metrowest in the heart of Footscray.

Where: VU at MetroWest, 138 Nicholson Street, Footscray, VIC 3011

Open: Tuesday-Friday 9.30-5pm, Saturday 10-4pm

Dates: 7 October – 4 November 2016

Getting there: 5mins walk from Footscray Train Station and Tram Stop, limited on street free parking, paid parking available at Footscray Kmart.

Find out more information here.

Images provided by Architact Collective.