This week as a part of our Colour Box Studio Member spotlight feature, we ask Rovinna Wangsadinata about her creative side, DIY projects and pursuing her passion. In this interview she talks to us about being a more hands on designer and decorator with events and personal projects.

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Can you please provide a brief overview of your creative practice.

Playful - photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015
Playful – photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015

I do graphic arts (personalised card and presents) and decor art works – anything to make things visuallymore interesting or attractive 🙂 like wall display, interior for home and events.

How did you get into doing event decorating? Have you always had a passion for it?

I did graphic design in the past but I felt it was a little bit limited for me to express my work on a 2D level (like being in a box), I love working with hands, I love textures and to be able to feel the objects with hands as well as looking at them visually is a different feeling so I started putting together bits and pieces I have from my collection for fun when I had some ideas and I developed my passion then.

You have a lot of pattern found in your work. How do you choose what to put together and make it work?

I use a lot of patterns, colors and textures as I personally think they add another depth and emotion. I like collecting things (prints and objects) because they attracts me in some ways and I could do something with them so when ideas appeared in my head I put things together and start my creation. A lot of my works are made up of 2D and 3D pieces combined together through a theme – these are projects I do for myself. When I do projects for other people I usually throw in some ideas and if they like the ideas I either make the bits and pieces or hunt them depends on whats involved and how to execute them.

Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015
Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015

What made you pursue event decorating after organising for your friends?

I enjoy doing any kinds of decorating. Events are one way for me to get out there and share my work with people. Organising any events can be stressful, to be able to help them by contributing some ideas though my work based on what they desire to make their special day more enjoyable is my happiness too.

What is your favourite event to do? is there a particular project that you enjoyed the most?

The project I did enjoy the most was the one I did for my friends wedding. They left everything to me so I picked a theme, Fairytale and made all the ornaments (table numbers, guest names etc) by hand. The idea was a classic fairytale story book which of course the story of the them so all the bits and pieces were created to relate the ‘book’.

question 5_2
Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015


Where do you get your inspiration?

There are many great artists and designers out there who have inspired me (we learn from other people), some of them come from my imagination. I like doing collage artworks, through pictures or object created by different artists I gather them and create my own stories. Just like every person have their own story, every picture has its individual feel and when you take bits from here and there and put them together in a different context they create a brand new story.

photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015
Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015

Your work can be found on Instragram and Facebook. Do you find social media platforms helpful for your art?

Yes, I do. Social media like Instagram is very helpful to share our visual communication works as the first thing we see or grabs our attention is the picture. Picture says million words, it impacts different feelings to different people. If people like your artwork just by looking at the picture first without knowing whats behind it means it moves them in some ways.

Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015
Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015

Why have you decided to put your work on social media platforms?

Social Media is the most practical and convenient way to share our work nowadays and its a good starting point to promote our works if we intent to make ourselves grow in the field. How many hours do you think people spend their time on social media in a day? 🙂 even though I don’t really use them much but I think its a good platform to see whats out there and we can easily find and follow people for what they do.

You have a lot of DIY projects. Have you always been interested in do it yourself projects?

Yes, I have been since I was very young I used to hand make birthday cards for my friends, joined any arts and crafts competitions. Handmade artworks are more personalized. Each of us is unique and we have our own styles and execution. For example if we have 5 people to produce the same artwork, following a manual guide step by step the outcome of 5 artworks will be different (its like cooking).

These days everything is done by computer because it is easier, I do too but I always attempt to add my personal touch on every piece I do.

Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015
Photographed by Rovinna Wangsadinata 2015

How did you know about Colour Box Studio?

I saw one of your workshops in the past and I got to know Colour Box Studio, which is great! It is really good to have this kind of community to support the creative industry in Melbourne.

What future projects are you excited about?

I hope in the future I could do commercial projects like cafes or shop decor, visual merchandising, window display, exhibition setting etc. What matters the most is when my works make people feel happy 🙂

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram, inandaboutdecor, at this stage hopefully soon I will have my own website 🙂

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