On Saturday the 12th of October talented musician and audio engineer Garth Sheridan will be facilitating an Audio Editing for Video Workshop as part of our Music and Sound Program.  Garth’s music and audio experience is impressive. He has worked on short films, as a sound designer for theatre and circus, produced recordings, performed electronic music across Australia, Europe and Africa, and that’s only the half of it. We recently spoke to Garth about his notable past and upcoming projects.

Colour Box Studio Music and Sound Program Poster
Colour Box Studio Music and Sound Program Poster. Design by Elly Nam.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I’ve been making electronic music since 2001 with a large amount of that time under the moniker unsoundbwoy. I’ve DJed, and now perform live solo and with a band. I’ve worked around as a live engineer, have done sound design for stage and circus, recorded audio for short films and recorded bands live and in the studio. I also have published writing on music and teach courses at RMIT.

Describe your art. 

I make music with synthesizers and samples on computers, drawing influence from Jamaican soundsystem culture, jungle and hardcore aesthetics and am influenced and inspired by contemporary urban music from Accra to Frankston.

How did you come to it? 

I loved music and played guitar growing up, then moving to Melbourne and seeing its fresh electronic music scene got me hooked.

Tell us a about your past projects and what has been your most treasured creation?

As unsoundbwoy, I’ve made heaps of jungle, breakcore, dancehall, kuduro and dubstep. I’ve collaborated with some amazing producers, vocalists and instrumentalists and have had the opportunity to play shows and festivals across Australia, NZ, Europe and Africa. Recently I have been collaborating with Eliot Palmer on immersive vibrational sound sculptures including at last month’s Liquid Architecture festival. My most treasured creations come from working with One Trick Pony. I’ve been able to see heaps of my quirky music and sounds turned into the most amazing circus, burlesque performance.


Audio Editing for Video
Audio Editing for Video


Where did you grow up and has it influenced what you create? 

I grew up in central Victoria, mostly Ballarat. There was always music around, great bands like Damaged and the Deadsalesmen and generally a productive and active arts community.

Where do you feel most creative?

Other than in the studio, either in airports or taxis.

What will you be working on next?

I have a new record label called tokay tunes releasing dancehall, kuduro and moombahton with vinyl about to be released. I’m about to head to the states and am playing konkrete jungle NY which is a party I’ve always wanted to play! Then when I get back, I have a new band based between Melbourne and Tasmania called Building 94 that is part way through recording the first album and we are starting with some festivals this summer. It’s a bass heavy acoustic/electronic trio with a great cellist and a bluesy vocalist and all of us jumping on keys or guitar.

What is the workshop you will be facilitating and what can participants expect to learn at the workshop.

The workshop at Colour box is an audio post production session, directed at people who do video. It will cover how to use an audio editor,  some basic editing and noise removal techniques. Then we’ll look at music, voice overs and preparing a mix to add back to the video. We’ll be using Reaper, which is great because can have people on mac or pc and its cheap if people decide to buy it after trying it out for the session.

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

You can come to Loop Bar this friday for a night of kuduro, baile funk and dancehall or alternatively on the web





Audio Editing for Film is on Saturday the 12th of October from 1PM to 3.30PM. To book, click here.

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