Designer, wanderer and creative dreamer, Tab Sejoe creates the earthy, original and sometimes cheeky cards and art prints that her label Feather & Spear has become known for, and much, much more. Made in the very heart of Melbourne, Feather and Spear features the screen-printed cards and fine art prints from Tab’s original illustrations and hand made vibrant textile accessories made from fabrics collected throughout the African continent. The creations are unmistakably African in inspiration, with a little Melbourne personality. We caught up with Colour Box Studio member, Tab, to find our more about her creative practice.

feather-and-spear-tab-profile-picTell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
I’m the creative tinkerer behind Melbourne label Feather & Spear – designer, illustrator, once upon-a-time photographer, and just a lover of all things that allow creative expression.

How did you start your creative business and why?
I was working in a job looking at and dealing with everyone else’s creative work but my own, and I thought, if I’m putting this much energy into someone else’s business, imagine what I could do with my own dream.

Tell us about your past projects. What has been your most treasured creation?
I think my most treasured creation was the first thing I created after I quit my job, told them I was off to make cards and signed up to an etching course – I created something I never imagined I could… and probably the only thing that I’v never turned into a card.

Feather and Spear - African print bag making process. Image provided.

Feather and Spear – African print bag making process. Image provided.

Where did you grow up and has it influenced what you create?
I grew up in Botswana and here in Melbourne. Growing up in Botswana has definitely influenced my creative aesthetic.

What is your current project?
I have been mainly focussing on creating and teaching workshops on how to make african print fabric earrings, but i’m working on getting back into the illustration and screen printing side of Feather & Spear. I’m about to start an internship at a screen printing studio to get me fired up!

Feather and Spear earring workshop. Image by Tab Sejoe.

Feather and Spear earring workshop. Image by Tab Sejoe.

Who or what was your inspiration?
I have always been creative and get my inspiration from all over – my African childhood, inner city Melbourne upbringing, my travels to far away places and just being in the presence of other creatives

Where do you feel most creative?
When I don’t have any bills to pay – Its really more about having no limitations or boundaries but failing that, when I get the chance to sit in my creative space with no deadlines and the sun shining in.

Feather and Spear screen print cards. Image by Tab Sejoe.

Feather and Spear screen print cards. Image by Tab Sejoe.

What advice would you give to those considering starting a creative business?
Cliché as it sounds, believe in yourself, believe in your talents and then learn and get as much info as you can to support your business efforts.

Where can we find more of your work online?



Instagram: @featherandspear

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