Meet our Interior Designers, Jon and Christina from Practice Makes

The Process of Making Colour Box Studio.

Practice Makes is an emerging local studio between Jonathon Kaitler and Christina Fogale.

The pair began the project for Colour Box Studio just two days after Jon presented his final year presentation. The major challenge for them was completing the project in 6 days, during a week which was punctuated with Jon’s Graduate Exhibition! In total, it took the pair 68 hours to design and build. The installation consisted of a central table, some shelving and a window display. The pieces were made predominantly from recycled cardboard and reclaimed timber from a demolished wall in the rear of the Colour Box studio. The material language of the installation is understated; giving the featured art works the primary focus.

Having limited time and a modest budget, meant that material choices and the making process were the most important considerations for the project. Although the brief was open, cardboard was chosen by Colour Box as a primary material because of its temporary nature, thematic relation to the studio’s brand and its availability. The three pieces were crafted by hand. The table was made to be easily deconstructed, similar to a trestle table. The stripped cardboard is constructed in blocks that slot onto steel poles that run the length of the table and through the timber legs. The shelving was designed under the same premise and with a reclaimed timber frame. The shelves were created from three layers of laminated recycled cardboard for strength with a triangulated layout for each top layer. Finally, the window display utilises a reclaimed polished stair beam, again sourced from the studio itself.

Practice Makes’ process of design is very much interwoven with materiality and making. Their practice is collaborative, experimental and anchored by material and process research.