Colour Box Director and filmmaker Amie Batalibasi will facilitate a fun evening workshop exploring Night Photography and Painting with light on Wed 27 November 2013 from 7-10PM. In this workshop, you will learn how to use the manual settings on your camera to create long exposures and work with natural and artificial light to capture photographs using the wonderful “painting with light” technique. Please see this link for more info and bookings: CLICK HERE

All photos © Amie Batalibasi.

More info and bookings: CLICK HERE

Karri Forrest by Amie Batalibasi. (Painting with Light). Camera Sony Cybershot.

Santiago by Amie Batalibasi. (Painting with Light)

Brooklyn Bridge by Amie Batalibasi. (Long Exposure using available light). Camera: Canon G11.

Porongurups, WA by Amie Batalibasi. (Painting with Light). Camera Sony Cybershot

Cave by Amie Batalibasi. (Painting with Light). Camera: Sony Cybershot.

Brooklyn Bridge NYC by Amie Batalibasi. Camera: Canon G11.






















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