Coming up on Saturday, 25 May1:30pm – 3:30pm 2013 is a wonderful card making workshop facilitated by Liz Doust of creative buisiness ambette. The workshop is suitable for adults and children – yay! Come along and make it a family affair, learn an new craft and take some hand printed cards home with you.
Here’s a bit more about Liz and her creative practice. We hope to see you at the workshop!
Tell us a bit about your arts practice
I’m the owner/designer/maker at ambette. I produce a range of bright, colourful cases for gadgets (MacBooks, iPads, Kindles, iPhones etc) from 100% wool felt, from my home studio in Richmond. I also do quite a bit of experimenting with screenprinting, which I’m currently trying to incorporate more into the business.


ambette purseWhat inspires you to create works?
I just love the satisfaction of creating something tangible – having an idea and then turning that idea into an actual useful object. I’m inspired by shapes and colours, and I like making things that are both functional and nice to look at.


Why is it important to you to share you skills through workshops?
I love learning new skills, and always feel inspired and invigorated after attending a creative workshop. I really enjoy sharing my skills with others, and seeing the excitement it generates, I guess because I’ve experienced the same thing myself so many times. I also love seeing other people’s creativity in action and it’s always really interesting to me to see what other people come up with – everyone is so different, creatively. Often people surprise you by coming up with something that just never occurred to you, so I love that element of teaching. It’s just great being around other people creating things, and being able to help people turn their own ideas into reality!


ambette MacBook sleeveWhat is your involvement with Colour Box Studio
I participated in their Pop Up Shop that ran before Christmas last year. When I came in to pick up my stock, I got chatting to Amie and was inspired to get involved further. I’m now working for Colour Box Studio on a volunteer basis as a ‘projects manager’ – that’s my official title, although I also tend to do a lot of other things, and just generally help Amie out where she needs it. I’m really enjoying my time with Colour Box Studio – I wish it was my full-time job. I would be so happy if it was!
More information about the  Paper-cut Card Making Workshop.