Pop Up Book Shop showcases over 15 artists at Colour Box Studio until 31 August

Pop Up Bookshop Featurette by Jason Harris

If you haven’t gone to visit the pop up bookshop at Colour Box Studio, then gentleman and gentlewomen it’s time to start your spending! There is a great selection of items on hand in this well stocked fantasy gift land. I would seriously consider living there if Amie let me. Please Amie, please. I don’t eat much and take up very little space.

Jason Harris Colour Box Studio blogger
Jason Harris Colour Box Studio blogger

My favourite section would have to be the shelves that house all the journals and papers. Being an art student and aspiring artist, I had a sensory overload from all the textures and colours. There is a good selection of hardbound sketchbooks and papers from local makers including Christopher Bound and Leonie Connellan and also Footscray paper distributer Magnani Papers. I happen to use the Magnani sketchbooks and I do say it’s quite an intimate experience to draw on such fine paper. Thinking about drawing on that velvety parchment gives me the shivers. So put down those cheap mass produced sketchbooks with copy paper quality sheets and invest in some hardcore hardcovers.

If you’re a bit of a nerd like me, there are also some great comic books available. I picked up a copy of Killeroo which is the brainchild of Darren Close. There are two books available in store and I’ve picked up the first. It’s been a fair while since I’ve read a comic or graphic novel and although I’m not too familiar with Australian comics, I was surprisingly impressed with the quality of the art and the writing. I am definitely back into comics after reading this deliciousness.

There’s a plethora of things available in the shop from books, zines and badges to candles and cards. There’s still plenty of time for you to come down and see what kind of items are available. Support your local creatives! The Colour Box Studio Pop Up Book Shop is open until August 31st.

Above photo – Zines by Lizzy Sampson on display at Colour Box Studio.

Colour Box Studio Book Shop comics zines dvds
• Killeroo Book Two Comic
• Badges by Leonie Connellan
• I love West Side keyring by Pretty WAK
• I love you just the way I am Card by Able and Game
• How Do You Take It? Zine by Tasha Nicholls
• Dace Decklan: Private Eye DVD by Ivan Malekin
• Playing Beatie Bow (from 2nd Hand Book Shelf).
Colour Box Studio Book Shop Gifts
• Gertrude children’s book by Jessica Dean and Marc Eiden
• Print & Envelope by Emily Boyle
• ‘The Colour of Money’ zine by Lizzy Sampson
• Geometric Pink & gold leaf earrings by Aacute
• “I love” Badges by Pretty WAK

Artists, writers & filmmakers stocked in the shop include: Jessica Dean, Karenne Rees, Emily Boyle, Leonie Connellan, Kirsten Krauth, Tasha Nicholls, Suzanne Nguyen, Shae Rooke, Magnani Papers, Legitimate Films, Ivan Malekin, Rachel Main, Christopher Parry, Steve Boyd, Léuli Eshraghi, Pauline Vetuna, Jane Rawson, Hariklia Heristanidis.

Colour Box Studio is located at 236 Nicholson St, Footscray and close to Footscray Train Station. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 12-6PM. Saturdays 11-4PM.

Colour Box Studio Pop Up Book Shop favourite things
• ‘A wrong turn at the office of unmade lists’, novel by local author Jane Rawson
• Handmade Ring by Charlotte Filshie
• Journal by Christopher Bound
• Colours By Numbers – The Sudokumentary DVD directed by Scott Basket (previously shown on ABC)
• Leather journal handmade by Leonie Connellan
• 70s Encyclopedia Badge by Pretty Wak