Julie and Kelly Tran of Aacute photo by Amie Batalibasi
Julie and Kelly Tran of Aacute. Featured in Colour Box Studio Summer Pop Up Program. photo by Amie Batalibasi


The main showcase is handmade contemporary geometric jewellery and quality unique wood wick candles in customised apothecary jars. The handmade jewellery are made from a variety of materials including individually cut polymer clay, leather, wood, vintage materials and several others. The designs reflect tribal feels, modern and dark urban fashions. Our candles are lovingly handmade using organic soy products and the unique wicks are made from different types of wood. This thoughtful clean-burning blend of soy and wood makes these candles kind to both the environment and those who are sensitive to certain allergies.

Website: http://www.aacute.com.au/


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