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Matthew Victor Pastor

Matthew Victor Pastor (MVP) is an Australian filmmaker of Filipino/Malaysian heritage. Graduating from the Masters (narrative) program at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, his film I am JUPITER I am the BIGGEST PLANET was awarded Best Director and the New Voice Award. The film set in the red light district of Manila, Philippines has screened at numerous festivals around with world and was nominated for the Academy Award qualifying, Golden Reel at the 33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.
In 2013 he released MADE IN AUSTRALIA an independent feature film. It was awarded Best Guerrilla Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF). He would revisit MUFF again in 2015 where his short film DOWN UNDER received the Best Short Film Director prize. He wrote, produced and starred in both films.Set for a 2017 release date is BUTTERFLY FLOWER: Please Wait To Be Seated an experimental feature film. Also currently in post-production is MAGANDA: Pinoy Boy vs Milk Man (Down Under). A Filipino exploitation film throwback about a psychotic giallo killer named the Milk Man, a pinoy assassin sent from the heart of Manila to clean up the mess.
A Gung-ho mongrel armed with a camera and a passion for seeing Filipino-Australian narratives on screen he creates bold confronting films dealing with sexuality, identity and family amongst the Asian-Australian diaspora.

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I am jupiter I am the biggest planet by Matthew Victor Pastor. Image provided.
'I am jupiter I am the biggest planet' short film by Matthew Victor Pastor. Image provided.


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