Tamara Russell

‘I aim to connect with people through my work, to transport them to a place and a moment in time. I am inspired by the details in nature, the patterns, rhythms and textures. I want to create an emotional response in the viewer to the landscape that is important to me.’

I started to explore my love of the landscape through the medium of embroidery finding it the perfect vehicle to express the colours, textures and shapes I find so fascinating. I try to combine in my compositions a sense of light and an interesting juxtaposition of colour, shape and texture. I aim to capture moments in time as an artist who has colour, line and texture to play with. I consider myself a painter that uses threads, an artist that draws with a sewing machine.

Each piece is a combination of photography and/or watercolour painting and stitch. This creates depth, perspective and richness to the work and combines effectively with stitch to give detail and texture


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