Colour Box Studio is excited to be taking part in Pozible Pop Up from 3rd-19th October!

Having successfully crowdfunded our May-October creative programs through Pozible, we’ve been invited to feature the work of Colour Box Studio Members Leonie Connellan (journals and badges), Emily Boyle (prints and framed originals), Hannakin (cards, prints and framed originals), AACUTE (jewellery), Ambette (colourful felt gadget covers), and Charlotte Filshie (recycled materials jewellery) in a Pop Up shop stand.  Come visit us at Fort Delta Art Gallery in the basement of the beautiful Capitol Arcade!

Aside from Colour Box Studio’s stand, there will be a multitude of amazing work from other artists, designers, writers and other creatives who have been supported by the crowdfunding community.  Artist talks, life drawing classes, workshops by Pozible and Etsy, and many more fantastic events will also be taking place over the fortnight.  Basically, there’s going to be a lot of cool stuff to see and do and buy!

Join us for Opening Night on Thursday 3rd October at 6pm – Two Bright Lakes DJs will be providing the musical entertainment, Little Creatures and Cake Wines are bringing the booze and there’ll be crowdfunded crème brûlée and Mr Black coffee liqueur available for sugar and caffeine hits.  RSVP by pledging $1 to Pozible’s Pop Up campaign or pledge more to RSVP to special events.

Or simply swing by during the Pop Up shop’s opening hours to peruse the work of some talented people.  Hope to see you there!

Pozible Pop Up
Fort Delta Art Gallery
Shop 59, Capitol Arcade
113 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Opening Hours
3rd-19th October, Tue-Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun: 12pm-5pm (excludes special events)

Featured Members
Leonie Connellan is a print-based artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her current work explores the relationship between the physical sciences of the universe and how we find our place in it through storytelling. She completed a Master of Fine Art in Printmaking at RMIT University in 2011 and exhibits work nationally and internationally.

Emily Boyle is a print-based artist based in Melbourne. She has recently completed a Master of Fine Art at RMIT University. Emily’s recent work deals with the relationship between real and imagined environments, with an emphasis on the role that memory and learned associations play in shaping perceptions of space. Imagery of ordinary suburban architecture is interpreted through a print-based practice to construct ambiguous landscapes that fluctuate between presence and absence, solidity and emptiness, and the familiar and the unknown.

Hanna Mancini (Hannakin) is a Melbourne based illustrator, crafter, procrastinator whose art practices span the exploration of multiple mediums. Her own creative label ‘Hannakin’ encompasses a wide range of things she makes and does, including archival quality prints of her whimsical watercolour and collage illustrations, and textile/soft sculpture works. In both her illustration and textile works she incorporates found and recycled materials; old notes, book pages, vintage embroidered doilies and fabrics, which supply inspiration and are used to give her pieces a sense of nostalgia, memory and history. Thematically, Hanna’s works tend to be narrative or character based, creating worlds full of whimsy and wonder and characters within them for audiences to connect with.

AACUTE is a collective of thinkers and makers, all from different background, stemming from two Melburnian sisters, Julie and Kelly. We all share a singular human concept of design and beauty with sustainability in mind. AACUTE finds its home at the Sweat Shop Studio located in the heart of Footscray. A couple years ago, AACUTE was founded on various influences, one of which was Melbourne’s vibrant local community and the second was the indigenous tribal communities of East Asia, namely tribal feels, modern and dark urban fashions. Combining the two in conjunction with the fast paced, contemporary life of the City of Melbourne, we decided to MAKE STUFF. 

Liz Doust (Ambette) is a Melbourne-based designer, who produces a range of vibrantly coloured wool felt cases for Apple gadgets, under her label ambette. Influenced by Apple’s minimalist aesthetic, Liz’s work features clean modern lines with a hint of retro, and has appeared in publications including Frankie and House & Garden magazines, and US-based news site The Huffington Post. Available online and in a number of boutique retailers across Australia, Liz’s designs are known for their exceptional quality and striking colours.

Charlotte Filshie is an Australian designer currently based in London. She mixes traditional and alternative materials with a geometric aesthetic to create her jewellery. Her handcrafted designs are inspired by historical patterns, the Art Deco movement and travel.


Pozible Pop Up Program