PRESENT PRESENT PRESENT is a combined Book Reading, Public Art & Performance Art event at Colour Box Studio as part of our Writing and Performance Program. 6 August from 6pm at Colour Box Studio 236 Nicholson St, Footscray.

Artists from our Pop Up Book Shop will be sharing their work and be sure to bring your pennies for purchases and a pen for book signings!

Jane Rawson, author of ‘A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists’:
Jane Rawsom lives in Melbourne’s west and edits the environment and energy section of The Conversation, an independent news website. Her first novel, A Wrong turn at the Office of Unmade Lists, was published in June by Transit Lounge.
Steven Amsterdam described A Wrong turn at the Office of Unmade Lists as ‘a free-range and funny apocalyptic time-space road trip’. Dave Graney said it was ‘film-like, dream-like, life-like. Funny, and charming.’

No One's Son CoverTewodros Fekadu, author of ‘No One’s Son’:
Tewodros was born in Eritrea in 1971, and scraped through his childhood years between relatives’ houses and the streets of Ethiopia. Tewodros presently lives in Australia. He founded the African Communities Association Gold Coast Inc. The aim of the association is to share African traditions and heritage through performance, education and training programs, and festivals.
Tewodros’ memoir, No One’s Son, is a remarkable true story of a defiant African boy & his bold quest for freedom.

• Lucreccia Quintanilla & Léuli Eshraghi of ‘Mapping South’
‘Mapping South’ – Journeys In South-South Cultural Relations is a publication celebrating 10 years of cultural exchange and dialogue between counties of the southern hemisphere. Edited by a collective led by Anthony Gardner ‘Mapping South’ explores the South as a regional identity and a cultural provocation through essays, interviews and artworks by contributors from Australia and internationally.

Launch of Façade, a new public art work by Aliça Bryson-Haynes.

Façade is a site specific installation created at Colour Box Studio. The work situates itself within the framework of the artist’s practice as an expanded form of ‘painting’. Using woollen blankets, Colour Box Studio’s façade is transformed into a colourful, minimalist painting. Relationships and conversations form between materials, surface, scale, and architecture. The ‘known’ qualities of the materials used are altered through their unexpected placement, modification and repetition to elicit a sense of wonder and surprise.

“How to be a good Egyptian” by Phil Soliman.

An interactive performance and installation in Colour Box Studio’s courtyard, part of which will be transformed into a busy Cairo street. During the performance, the artist will be serving traditional Egyptian street food from a typical food cart, cooked by himself according to instructions given by his grandmother over the phone. The work explores the importance of food and hospitality in Egyptian culture, the current social and political situation in Egypt, and the artist’s complex relationship with his family.”

Drinks and mingling after book readings and performance. FREE EVENT.

Register to this event and sign up to our mailing list instore and to go into the draw to win Colour Box Studio Membership, an ambette iPhone case and a Charlotte Filshie Jewellery necklace.

present present present event at Colour Box Studio