We recently caught up with Rohani & Rosalie of The Super Rad Nail Sisters. We dig their work AND their style! You can be a part of it too – check out their workshop happening SAT 23rd March: Super Rad Nail Art Workshop. Bring a friend or two before you hit the town on a Saturday night. In the meantime, here’s a bit more about the creative team that bring lots of fun, colour and excitement to accessorizing!

Rohani & Rosalie.

Tell us a bit about your arts practice.

We are sisters from Melbourne who have been avid nail art enthusiasts for a few years. We are from animation (Rosalie) and textile design (Rohani) backgrounds, and just love drawing cool things. After painting our own nails for some time, we kept getting requests to paint nails for friends, and so it became a business…The Super Rad Nail Sisters!
What inspires you to create works?
Everything around us! Both working in hospitality for some time, we find an affinity with painting food related designs, you’ll see an abundance of them in our collection. We love girly type things like heaps of glitter and pastels, but also love anything that uses lots of colours and can create cool patterns (think the 90s acid rave scene and animal prints)

Nail Art by The Super Rad Nail Sisters

Why is it important to you to share you skills through workshops?

Nail art is for everyone. Whether you go all out and have different designs in all the colours on your digits, or have a more minimal approach and go for a more subdued geometric or (not so) classic French tip. This is something that you can do at home, given the right tools and knowledge.
Tell us a bit more about your workshop.
In our workshop you will learn to create a variety of designs. We go through some simple, yet very effective, ways of how to use spots, on trend leopard print, fun clouds and some other techniques that look difficult but are quite easy to achieve with a bit of practice. The workshop provides you with a practice nail wheel, as well as your own fine digits to experiment on! Book for the workshop: Click Here
Why is the Sustainable Ethical Local Fashion theme important to you and your practice.
The Super Rad Nail Sisters like to keep our practice as sustainable as we are able to. Our studio is walking distance from our home, we prefer to use local products and we like to choose products that are ethically made (vegan, no animal testing, local, general good folk) where possible.
What are your thoughts about Colour Box Studio?
We think that Colour Box Studio are an amazing outlet for artists and makers to promote themselves amongst other creatives and also to get their name and goods out there to the greater public. The workshops and ongoing support they provide is an invaluable resource for the community,  as well as for artists to spread their knowledge and wares through a great facilitator that is accessible to everyone. We love the diversity of events that is offered by these great people! The Super Rad Nail Sisters are very privileged to be a part of such a wonderful program.
Book for the SAT 23rd March workhop: Super Rad Nail Art Workshop.
More about The Super Rad Nail Sisters: www.facebook.com/thesuperradnailsisters


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