Rachel Main aka Shuttermain is a photographer, documenter, filmmaker and educator. As a freelance artist she produces a range of work that includes street photography, music photography as well as music and krump videos and documentaries. She also facilitates workshops and teaches high school Art and Photography.

William Stephanus aka 2nd Thought is a producer and beat maker based in Melbourne. Growing up in Namibia, he moved back to Australia at the age of 16 and soon after immersed himself into his music. Cutting his teeth on the MPC 2000, he has developed a recognizable sound inspired by the likes of Pete Rock, Madlib and JDilla.

On Sunday the 20th of October Shuttermain and 2nd Thought will be hosting a Beats and BBQ event at Colour Box Studio as part of the Music and Sound Program. We spoke to Shuttermain and 2nd Thought about their collaboration, their art and what you can expect from their Beats and BBQ event.

Photo provided by Rachel Main
Shuttermain – Co presenter of Beats & BBQ 20 Oct

Have you collaborated before? If so, what on?

We have collaborated before on some music videos. We will also often kick ideas back and forth and give feedback on one another’s work.

 Where do you feel most creative?

Shuttermain: Usually home, however, I will often get inspiration from conversations I have with people or things I see when I’m out and about ‘people watching’.

2nd Thought: I feel most creative when I’m at home listening to records. But I also can get inspired when going out digging for vinyls and when I’m out at gigs.

What aims do you have for your art form?

Shuttermain: I aim to keep my work quite simple and raw and to accurately reflect the subject or place I’m shooting.

2nd Thought: I aim for freedom of creativity and to be innovative with various genres that an audience can relate to.

Colour Box Studio Music and Sound Program Poster
Colour Box Studio Music and Sound Program Poster. Design by Elly Nam.

 Where can we see your work?

 Shuttermain: www.shuttermain.com

2nd Thought: sound cloud coming soon!

Tell us about your upcoming event Beats and BBQ at Colour Box Studio?

We are collaborating to run this event Beats and BBQ which is taking place on Sunday 20th October 1-4pm at the Colour Box Studio Courtyard. 2nd Thought is producing the music side of things, where he will be playing his own beats and DJing and organizing the other music guests. Shuttermain is coordinating the event and will also be firing up the BBQ, providing finger licking chicken wings and homemade burgers! (Meat will be halal and there will be vege burgers too!).

It’s free entry and drinks and BBQ available by donation.

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