Above image: Disposable Camera Project: First Edition image by Ilona Nelson

Missed it the first time round?  Now’s your chance to get snapping!

Colour Box Studio is running the Disposable Camera Project for a second time this year after the amazing success and huge amounts of fun had during the first edition!

In case you missed it, the last Project saw 27 participants picking up a disposable camera from Colour Box Studio or the Flinders Street Station steps on a Monday, snapping away for 24 hours, and then dropping their cameras back the next day.  Colour Box Studio then took care of the developing, processing, and installation of over 500 photos on our walls and the images were displayed for the first time at our Members and Volunteers Showcase Program launch party, Throw Up Your Art (check out pics here!).

We’d love to make the Disposable Camera Project: Second Edition even bigger and better, so this time round we’re holding camera pick ups and drop offs over a weekend so more of you Mon-Fri 9-5ers can partake.  We’re also going to have an opening exclusively for the Project which will coincide with the Nicholson South Pop Up Market – that’s two great reasons to get down to Footscray on Thursday 12th December, people!

As with the last edition, it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or student photographer, are only familiar with iPhone cameras or have never pressed a shutter release button in your life – here’s your chance to give it a go, get experimental, get documenting, get exhibiting with all the non-fun, organisational stuff taken care of for you!  You can photograph whatever you like – one of the cool outcomes of the Project last time was that we saw a 24 hour snapshot of Melbourne emerge before our eyes as the photos went up on the wall, so even photographing your ordinary, day-to-day life is going to contribute something interesting and unique.

Here’s how to participate…

Register here by 5pm, Thursday 5th December

Pick up a camera on Saturday 7th December from either:
•  Colour Box Studio, 236 Nicholson St, Footscray (11am-4pm)
•  Flinders St Station Steps, Melbourne CBD (12pm-3pm)

Then shoot to your heart’s content!

Drop it off on Sunday 8th December at either:
•  Colour Box Studio (11am-4pm)
•  Flinders St Station Steps (2pm-5pm)

When it’s all over, you’ll be able to pick up your photos from Colour Box Studio during our Summer Pop Up Program opening hours of 12-6pm from the 17th-19th December and we can provide digital scans of your images if you request them.


This time, participation costs $12.50 (to help cover processing costs).  Register and make a payment (CLICK HERE) by 5pm, Thursday 5th December and choose your preferred pick up location from the drop down menu.

Can’t wait to see the results!

Enquiries: Email – info@colourboxstudio.com


Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Shari Trimble
Installation of the Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Shari Trimble
Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Kathryn Goldie
One of the many great photos created during the first edition of the Disposable Camera Project.
Image by Kathryn Goldie
Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Simonne Johansen
Image by Simonne Johansen
Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Nicole Kennedy
Image by Nicole Kennedy
Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Hollie Heales
Image by Hollie Heales
Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Kim Smith
Image by Kim Smith
Disposable Camera Project: First Edition. Image by Olivia Jensen
Image by Olivia Jensen