Studio Batch is a Melbourne based design studio operating primarily as a product and industrial design studio that specialises in 3D printing and digital fabrication. In addition to designing innovative jewellery ranges, they collaboratively design for clients and their work includes lamp shades, head wear for the Spring Racing Carnival, a case for the Raspberry Pi board, a 3D printed in stainless steel plaque for Luna Park and a single-origin ceramic cup (ie the perfect coffee cup) – just to name a few. The Studio Batch team have created a process driven style using contemporary technology and materials coupled with innovative design. They make things in small batches (hence the name Studio Batch) and their work reminds us that there are makers, people, and technology behind the objects we use, wear and admire. These are peeps you want to be in a room with!

The Studio Batch team consists of creatives: Ilya Fridman, Rowan Page, Nicole Kennedy and Marinos Drakopoulos (whom we recently caught up with). Join them for their upcoming Intro to 3D Printing workshop on December 9th – it’ll knock your socks off!

Tell us a little bit about Studio Batch and how your studio came to be.

We have always been interested in design as a creative outlet, which lead us to study it at university and explore it as a profession. When we met, we immediately found a shared interest exploring emerging technologies and production processes and decided to start our own studio where we could design and create in the one space.

Studio Batch light covers. Image Provided.
Studio Batch light covers. Image Provided.

Studio Batch light covers

Studio Batch Bead Necklace
Studio Batch Bead Necklace. Image provided.

Where did you all grow up and has it influenced what you create?

We all grew up around Melbourne, coming together at Monash University. I think we all have really different approaches and philosophies from the practical to the artistic which really works well to balance each other out!

Who or what was inspires your creativity?

New technology and people who choose to explore it always inspire us. We are interested in the potentials of applying architectural design software and tools to the product design process and are inspired by the beauty of code and patterns. The open source community of makers on sites such as thingiverse, instructables and shapeways. And the RepRap movement, whom we owe for access to such wonderful technological progress.

Where do you feel most creative?

I guess creativity can strike anywhere, I think speak for myself my “Aha!” moments always happen in the mornings especially if I’ve been working on a problem the previous day

Tell us about you participation in this year’s VIVID awards.

We entered some 3D printed lighting, and at the last minute we decided to dye them all.

Bright pink, it was a risky move but in the end it got us over the line and we were able to come home with the award out of an outstanding field of participants.

What will be happening at your upcoming workshop?

We run the workshop in two parts, with a lecture style discussion at the beginning where we run you through the basics from what printing is to what can be done and how you can get involved and start printing. It’s a huge field so we endeavour to break it down into manageable chunks. We then run a little activity to get hands on with printing.

Colour Box Studio Intro to 3D Printing with Studio Batch 02
Intro to 3D Printing with Studio Batch, July 2014.

What are you working on next?

We have some exciting projects coming in mostly lights and furniture expanding our work into other means of digital fabrication

Where can we see more of your work?

We have just set up a lighting display at the Assembly hall in Kensington which is worth a look. Apart from that we are going to be launching more product online and will keep you all posted on other stockists!  More at:

Studio Batch 3D printed - resin
Studio Batch 3D printed resin vase. Image provided.
Studio Batch Lamp Shade
Studio Batch Lamp Shade.  Image provided.
Studio Batch Workshop 2014_01
Ilya and Marinos facilitating a Studio Batch Workshop with Colour Box Studio 2014.

Introduction to 3D Printing
• Organiser: Colour Box Studio
• Facilitators: Studio Batch
• Date: 9th December 2014, from 6pm
• Where: Docklands, Melbourne
• Cost: $55 includes light refreshments & FREE 3D Printed jewellery piece
• More information: click here