Ukulele for Parties: Avoid awkward silences. Play the ukulele.
• All skill levels welcome. Learn new uke tunes and bring your own favourites to add to the jam.
• Wednesdays, 6pm-7pm starting Wed 18 Sept to Wed 16 October with a performance on Sat 26 October (Performance has been cancelled)
• $5 donation (includes complimentary beverage)
• Brought to you by Colour Box Studio’s Music and Sound Program
• Colour Box Studio, 236 Nicholson St, Footscray www.colourboxstudio.com
No Bookings necessary. BYO Ukulele.

Hosted by Morgan Brady:

Morgan Brady. Photo Credit: Carley Clarke-Rushton.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
I began playing ukulele while living in Cairns, where it works well with the tropical lifestyle. During that time I also started illustrating and making installations. I’ve kept up a rambling creative practice in amongst work at Footscray Community Arts Centre, and a life of leisure.

Describe your creative practice
I just want to have fun, and make everything more glamourous. 

How did you come to it?
It was a natural reaction to working in an office.

Tell us about your past projects. What has been your most treasured creation?
Recording my first song was my favourite creative moment, it made me fearless. My most treasured creation is my ukulele, which was made by my uncle Joe.

Where did you grow up and has it influenced what you create?
I grew up in Melbourne, and was influenced first by the aesthetic of Balaclava and St Kilda, and then, by living in the tropics in far north Queensland.

What is your current project?
I am practicing with Ukulele for Parties at Colour Box studio and the FCAC uke jam, the Jumpin Fleas. In my home studio, I’m slowly making sparkly costumes for some future party.

Who or what was your inspiration?
A guide to life called ‘Women and Beauty’ by Sophia Loren. The final chapter, after much useful beauty advice, is on tranquility, and how to obtain it.

Where do you feel most creative? 
 At home in my studio, which is steadily filling up with plants and sequins.

What can visitors to expect to see from you at Colour Box Studio?
On Wednesdays at 6.00 for the Ukulele for Parties Jam. Our final party will be onOctober 26, and everyone’s invited. (Apologies, this performance has been cancelled).

ukulele jams at Colour Box Studio
Ukulele jams at Colour Box Studio. Poster Design by Elle Nam.