On Saturday the 29th of June Colour Box Studio is hosting a free screening of short films by the participants of the Young Media Makers Project. The Young Media Makers Project (YMMP) is an initiative to allow young people of diverse cultural backgrounds to be seen and heard through film and media. By running workshops and mentoring programs the YMMP helps young people to gain new skills and share their stories with the community by creating short films. Participants write, direct, act in, film and edit their films.

Young Media Makers Project Short Film Screening.

Young Media Makers Project Short Film Screening.

Sher Nay Moo and Mareng Mayar were part of a group of 20 young people who took part in the YMMP workshop program in 2011:

Young Media Makers Project participant Sher Nay Moo.

Young Media Makers Project participant Sher Nay Moo.

“When I started studying media at YMMP in Melbourne, it really developed my experience with filmmaking. For example, I learnt how to write a film script, how to plan and draw the storyboards, as well as camera framing. This program was fantastic for me because before I came to Australia, I was one of those people who with an interest in film and when I first came to Australia I didn’t know about the film industry and how I could develop my skills because I was a new migrant from a refugee background. But when went to workshops at YMMP, met the guest filmmakers and other young people, my interest in film became even stronger. I also started to make friends with my classmates and had a chance to understand a bit of their stories”, YMMP participant Sher Nay Moo.

Film Still from 'HALF FULL' a YMMP short film starring Mareng Mayar.

Film Still from ‘HALF FULL’ a YMMP short film starring Mareng Mayar.

“What I liked about YMMP is being able to participate with others in the group share ideas and working along with professional filmmakers. I’ve learnt a lot at YMMP. something like being part of a team, ideas about film industry, acting, using professional equipment and softwares. YMMP has encouraged me to be self confident, allowed me to take opportunities in acting. I’ve volunteered last year with department of immigration & citizenship for world refugee day commercial and now I’m looking for more opportunities ahead”. YMMP participant Mareng Mayar.

At the end of the program five short films premiered at The Australian Centre for the Moving Image and were later released on DVD “Our Voice, Our Vision”. These films will be shown at a free public screening Colour Box Studio on the 29th of June at 3.30pm and will be followed by a Q and A with YMMP participants. This screening is a great opportunity to hear from a group of diverse young people in Melbourne’s West and see some fantastic short films! There will be popcorn, soft drinks and YMMP DVDs for sale.

For more information about the YMMP program, watch some films online or buy the DVD check out their website and youtube channel.

Website: http://www.youngmediamakersproject.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/YoungMediaMakers

Young Media Makers Project Screening: 29 June 2013, 3:30-4:30PM, Free Event – click here for more information.

YMMP Screening at Colour Box Studio, 29 June 2013, 3:30PM

YMMP Screening at Colour Box Studio, 29 June 2013, 3:30PM



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